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Read This If You Want to Buy Abstract Art Paintings

Realism is art that is highly appreciated by many, but it can get monotonous so abstract paintings are there to provide viewers a refreshing break. In the past, abstract artist use it to represent spiritualism. While some artists are moved my intellectualism. Now, abstract art paintings have become more significant than ever.

Abstract art, has actually been through many transformations. During the 20th century, people ditched figurative painting for abstract art paintings. When talking about abstract art, one cannot help but think about Pablo Picasso. Picasso is believed to have influenced the transition. Picasso gave birth to cubism which is an art representation of object as viewed from a unique and different perspective.

Then, in the 1900s, analytical and synthetic cubism saw the light. Subject are fragmented in both forms of cubism. But the difference is that glass-like geometry was apparent in analytical cubism, while synthetic cubism depict its subjects in smaller sizes.

The come 1940s, another form of abstract art saw the light and it is called abstract expressionalism. It was when the idea of expressionalism was introduced into art paintings. That type of abstract art had a huge influence over the contemporary American painters and artists of that decade. And it was then that New York became home to Abstract Expressionism. Artists like Jason Pollock got massive attention. He smeared and threw paint to create his subjects. Other known artists are Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

There is actually something more to art paintings than a mere collection of strokes, shapes and wild colors. The truth is that abstract art is actually more difficult to pull off than realism. This is because the artist works hard to make something meaningful out of something from his imagination.

One of the ways to which you can appreciate abstract art is by knowing you feel about it. What does the subject remind you of? When looking at abstract art, you can ask yourself those questions. Some people feel like the art is speaking to them. how is the room affected by the colors of that painting.

There is no sense in buying abstract art paintings if you do not see its beauty. There are a number of consideration to think about if you ever decide to get one. Are you buying and original or a reproduction. Reproduction is less expensive than the original so you normally also have to consider the price. Then you also have to see to it that you are getting the art piece through a reputable art dealer. Go here to learn more about abstract art paintings.

Discovering The Truth About Art

Discovering The Truth About Art